My Services

I have 15 years of experience in the K-10 classroom as a general education teacher, a Reading Specialist and a special education teacher, over a decade of experience as a Professor of Literacy and Special Education, and 35+ presentations around the country to school districts, teachers, administrators, parent groups, and speech-language pathologists. I love working with both individuals and groups!

Orton Gillingham Language Therapy
(in-person or remote)

Intervention for reading differences such as dyslexia, should begin as soon as possible to teach students to pave new neural pathways for fluency and comprehension. Orton Gillingham instruction addresses neurobiological deficits with explicit, systematic, diagnostic and multi-sensory instruction. It is the “gold standard” of intervention. Instruction is tailored to each individual, in a safe and comfortable environment.

(in-person or remote)

I provide single or multi-day interactive professional development workshops for teachers and/or parents. These events may be in-person or virtual, and could include any of the following topics:

  • Dyslexia
  • Orton Gillingham
  • Autism
  • Executive Functioning

Professional services partnerships

I work in collaboration and partnership with neuro-psychologists in the service of individuals with learning disabilities. These partnerships may include the following services:

  • Analyze data and write reports
  • Connect with parents
  • Grow relationships with schools or other institutions
  • Provide in-office OG tutoring 
  • Provide in-office academic and social-emotional support

ADvocacy Services

I am available to serve as a subject matter expert and an advocate for individuals with learning disabilities in the legal system. My services include – but are not limited to – attending Individualized Educational meetings and testifying in court or at a hearing.